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Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 getting Android 2.2 Froyo?

By Olav Hellesø-Knutsen on January 6th, 2011 | Tags Sony Ericsson

At Sony’s press conference at the CES some images of the X10 running Android 2.2 Froyo was shown. Will the X10 get one more operating system update after all? The X10 was origianly shipped with Android 1.6 which were later updated to 2.1 back in December.

Seems like this was a bad joke. We have no reason to believe that the X10 will get 2.2 Froyo anytime soon.

Sony Ericsson PlayStation phone available next spring

By Olav Hellesø-Knutsen on December 30th, 2010 | Tags Android,Sony Ericsson

Sony has revealed information to developers that a new device that combines the function of a mobile phone and handheld games could be released in Europe next spring. If we would guess, this new device is the Sony Ericsson PlayStation phone. The official name might be Sony Ericsson Play. Or Zeuz. Or Z1. We’ll see. Based on the number of recent leaked images the announcement will take place very soon. Either during CES in the beginning of January, or at the Mobile World Congress in middle of February next year.

The Sony Ericsson PlayStation phone will be based on the PSP go model by Sony. The operating system on the new device is Android and based on photos we have seen it’s probably v2.3 Gingerbread.

Sony Ericsson PlayStation Phone Zeuz Z1 (official name not revealed)

Sony Ericsson Zeus PlayStation phone Z1

The original Sony PSP go:

Sony PlayStation Portable PSP go

Source: Japanese newspaper Asahi Shimbun

Images of unannounced Sony Ericsson mobile phones leaked. MT15i and LT15i

By Olav Hellesø-Knutsen on December 27th, 2010 | Tags Android,Leak,Sony Ericsson

A couple of images captured by an unknown device named MT15i emerged on Picasa photo site. By reading the image EXIF information we can see that the images are captured by a Sony Ericsson LT15i, at ISO 160, flash (could be LED light) and focal lenght 4.1. The photo is 8 megapixel large but this could of course be a reduced size.

But that is not all. The photo captured is also of an unkown device. This could be the same MT15i, or maybe the LT15i. Another set of images uploaded to Picasa by the same user.

We have never heard of either of these devices before but one of the could be the rumored Sony Ericsson Hallon. The photos was captured in the middle of December. The photographed phone is running Android OS. And it has a front facing camera. The first version of Android supporting video calls are v2.3 Gingerbread so that is the most likely OS

Sony Ericsson MT15i or LT15i


Another Hallon photo posted in our forum

Sony Ericsson Xperia firmware update available. For X10, X10 Mini, X10 Mini Pro and X8

By Olav Hellesø-Knutsen on December 24th, 2010 | Tags Android,Sony Ericsson

Android 2.1 became officially available for Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 six weeks ago. Rollout of the new OS has been done in steps depending on market and operator.

Another update was released yesterday. It is for the entire Xperia family of phones. X8, X10 Mini, X10 Mini Pro and Xperia X10. Sony Ericsson is comitted to improve the software for up til 2 years after launch. So we have one year left with updates for the X10

This update is minor and the firmware version is still the same: 2.1-update1. You will need to use SEUS (Sony Ericsson Update Service) application from a PC. It is not available over the air (OTA) yet so your phone will still report that you are having the lateste update even though you don’t.

According to user reports the update will change In-call volume, give a keyboard facelift, Mediascape and Timescape is a little faster and probably some more changes. You will not be able to root the X10 with currently known tools after the update.

New updates available for Xperia X10, X10 Mini, X10 Mini Pro and X8

New updates available for Xperia X10, X10 Mini, X10 Mini Pro and X8

New updates available for Xperia X10, X10 Mini, X10 Mini Pro and X8

Red Xperia X10 Mini Pro in Sony Ericsson giveaway

By Olav Hellesø-Knutsen on December 23rd, 2010 | Tags Sony Ericsson

In a tweet by Sony Ericsson a red Xperia Mini Pro is given away. You need to Like Sony Ericsson Facebook page to be able to join the competition. By answering a simple question you will be one (in an million?) of the contesters to win the phone.

The competition ends on desember 27th

Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 Mini Pro giveaway

Product Testing Institute – Xperia X10 videos

By Olav Hellesø-Knutsen on September 10th, 2010 | Tags Sony Ericsson,Xperia X10

Sony Ericsson has release a number of short advertising clips on YouTube for the Xperia X10.

Very Small Children


The Surfers (texting means: eeh Telecommunication Experience Xrossing Time)


Models (A smartphone is a phone that is smarter than you)


Guidos (do you think girls likes biceps)

Glam Rockers

Date of Sony Ericsson Xperia Android update has changed

By Olav Hellesø-Knutsen on June 17th, 2010 | Tags Android,Sony Ericsson

AndroidSony Ericsson’s Xperia Android models are all running on version 1.6 (Donut) of the operating system. The Xperia X10, X10 Mini and X10 Mini Pro was said to be upgradable to version 2.1 (Eclair) of the OS in quarter 4 this year. According to the official Sony Ericsson blog, this has changed and they are promising a free upgrade late in 3rd quarter instead. The models in the Sony Ericsson Android line-up are all running on a modified version of the OS which adds some of the 2.1 functionality but there are quite few missing. Version 2.1 is the next major version after 1.6. The lifespan of version was merely 3 months. One good reason to upgrade is that some applications in the Android Market require version 2.1 to run.

Xperia X10 Mini Unboxing Video

By Olav Hellesø-Knutsen on May 21st, 2010 | Tags Android,Sony Ericsson

We received a X10 Mini yesterday and made a short unboxing video of it. The X10 Mini is the worlds smallest Android device available today. It has a 2.55 inch touch display and should be small enough for all pockets. Personally I will be waiting for the X10 Mini Pro with a added QWERTY slider keyboard as the price difference are just 27 Euro

Upgrade software available for Xperia X2

By Olav Hellesø-Knutsen on April 7th, 2010 | Tags Sony Ericsson

The first official software upgrad for Sony Ericsson Xperia X2 is now available for download. I can confirm that the initial X2 firmware had bugs and annoyances. Let us hope this update will solve these problems. The update is free of charge to all X2 owners.Sony Ericsson Xperia X2

Some of the new improvements are

  • FM radio
  • Video calling
  • Fast GPS
  • Stability improvements

The update includes a new core platform release from Microsoft with a newer version of Internet Explorer 6. Other improvements are rotation and touch performance, camera, web browsing and sofware keyboard.

The update will be available through the Sony Ericsson Update Service client located at


Free Satio and Vivaz application adds equalizer

By Olav Hellesø-Knutsen on March 18th, 2010 | Tags Sony Ericsson

Equalizer for Satio and Vivaz

Sony Ericsson Satio and Vivaz does not have an equalizer built in and some users have missed the opportunity to modify the sound in these phones. 

Sony Ericsson are now providing a free equalizer application for owners of those models. The available settings are Classical, Jazz, Dance, Party, Pop, Rock, Spoken Word, Loudness, Mega Bass and Trable Boost. The Equalizer applicatoin is available free of charge at the Sony Ericsson web site

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